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Senior Web Developer

We want a Senior Web Developer to create and manage effective websites and online applications.

The tasks of a Senior Web Developer include managing a team of younger developers, improving website standards, and addressing technical challenges. To succeed in this position, you must have substantial expertise creating web pages from scratch and in-depth understanding of at least one of JavaScript, Python, Node or PHP.

Eventually, you will guarantee that our website pages are operational and meet both internal and external requirements.


  • Determine the user and system requirements for the development of new websites and apps.
  • Prioritize software development projects, establish timetables, and give team members responsibilities.
  • Build wire-frames for layout planning.
  • Develop or evaluate code for a variety of applications.
  • Do code debugging and functionality tests.
  • Manage an in-house web development team and assess their progress.
  • Discuss potential UI/UX features with designers (like graphics and navigation buttons).
  • Make sure we have up-to-date documentation for our product.
  • Working together with mobile developers, you may create sites optimised for use on mobile devices.

Requirements and skills:

  • Experience working as a Senior Web Developer for a period of at least five years.
  • Competence in at least one programming language; JavaScript, Python, Node, Ruby, or PHP experience is required.
  • Expertise in HTML/CSS.
  • Ability to use mockup and user interface prototype software.
  • A comprehension of the procedures for security.
  • A working knowledge of the various network diagnostic tools.
  • Team management capabilities.
  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or a related subject.