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Social Media Content Creation & Management

Building brand awareness and loyalty, generating leads and sales, and improving customer relationships are all things that can be accomplished for a business by engaging with customers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, amongst others, to promote a business, brand, or product. Creating and distributing content, interacting with followers, and running advertisements targeted at certain audiences are all necessary components of this strategy.

Social Media Advertising

Ektasi Technology, a digital marketing organisation, provides social media marketing services to assist companies boost their online visibility and engagement. Ektasi Technology's skilled social media marketers can help firms create and execute a complete social media plan that meets their goals. Ektasi Technology can help companies thrive by generating and managing social media content, delivering targeted adverts, and communicating with consumers.

Social Media Crisis Management

Ektasi Technology helps social media marketers with social media advertising. We can assist companies improve their social media marketing by generating and executing targeted social media advertising. We can also assist companies create interesting social media content, maintain their presence, and evaluate social media interaction statistics to influence future marketing initiatives. Ektasi Technologies helps companies enhance their social media marketing and succeed online.


Our Professional SEO Services Increase Online Visibility

Reputation Management

Our Proven Management Techniques Preserve Your Online Reputation

Email Marketing

Our Email Marketing Techniques Boost Conversions and List Growth.

Local SEO

Our Focused Local SEO Methods Help Local Consumers Find You

Content Strategy

Developing a Successful Strategy for Your Company

Strategy Development

This requires creating a thorough social media marketing plan that supports corporate goals.

Social Media Advertising

This requires making targeted advertisements on social media and distributing them to specified demographics.

Content Creation

Posts, photos, and videos, as well as other forms of material, must be created and managed for social networking platforms.

Analytics & Reporting

Gathering and evaluating data on engagement, reach, and other metrics to influence future marketing initiatives is part of this process.

Community Management

This comprises maintaining a company’s social media profile, communicating with consumers, and reacting to inquiries.

Influencer Marketing

This strategy entails forming alliances with influential users of social media in order to promote to the users of such platforms.

Increased Sales & Revenue

Engagement & Relationships

Businesses now have the opportunity to communicate with their consumers, offer responses to their queries and comments, and improve their customer relationships and loyalty thanks to the platform provided by social media.

Traffic & Lead Generation

The use of social media marketing may boost the number of visitors to a company's website and the number of leads generated, so contributing to an increase in sales and income.

Relevant Audiences

Social media platforms provide enhanced targeting capabilities that may assist companies in reaching certain demographics, interests, and habits, hence enhancing the success of their marketing efforts.

Feedback & Insights

Businesses may utilise social media to get real-time feedback and insights from consumers, which can then be used to enhance goods, services, and marketing tactics.

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