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Ektasi Technology can assist gaming companies by offering bespoke software development services such as game creation, mobile app development, and cloud solutions. In addition, Ektasi Technology can assist firms with marketing and distribution tactics such as social media marketing, content production, and search engine optimization. Ektasi Technologies can also help companies use upcoming technologies like virtual and augmented reality to develop creative gaming experiences that engage and keep gamer.

The Rise of E sports

TAccording to Newzoo, the gaming business has seen tremendous financial development in recent years, with the global gaming market expected to exceed $175 billion by 2020. Many causes are driving this expansion, including the emergence of mobile gaming, the growing popularity of esports, and the development of new technologies like as virtual and augmented reality.

Impact of Technology

The gaming business relies heavily on information technology. Advanced software tools and programming languages are used by game developers to produce immersive gaming experiences, realistic visuals, and captivating stories. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have also altered the gaming business, allowing game creators to build more complicated games and provide better user experiences.
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